Warm & Cuddly Puppies in Upcycled Sweaters

I have a new puppy! You may have already seen photos of her on my facebook page, where I had a puppy photoshoot with Miles, Ruby, my friends’ dachshund, Sophie, and new little Lucy. She’s sweet as can be, and was smaller than a shoe when she first came home! I’m still in new-puppy heaven, so a lot of my recent activities have been Lucy-themed.


One autumn themed project I recently completed was turning one human sweater into two doggy sweaters. I love putting my dogs in sweaters – they stay warm and look so stylish. And as far as I can tell they like it, too! I had this blue striped wool sweater that had seen better days, so I found a way to reuse it rather than throw it out. I first felted the sweater in the washing machine. This made it so that when I cut out the pattern pieces, there were no unraveled ends, just soft wooly felt. I used the neck hole of the sweater for Miles, and one of the arm holes for Lucy, since she’s so tiny. Then it was just a matter of getting the pieces to look nice together, and finding a fun buttons for the closure that goes up around the tummy. I sewed everything by hand with a big red blanket stitch in embroidery floss – I love the classic look it has against the blue.