Paper Flowers

So my husband Danny is in the process of remodeling our New York apartment, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to decorate and put my personal touch on it so it has a home away from home feeling. Typically one of my tried and true ways to make a house feel cheery is lots of fresh flowers and plants… however since our primary residence is in California, having fresh flowers and plants survive in our NY apartment without someone there all of the time is probably slim to none. So I had this idea to start making crepe paper flowers to decorate the apartment with, still cheery and no need to water!


I first started by finding a how-to video on YouTube, then I kept finding other videos on other types of paper flowers and basically couldn’t stop! It’s pretty much my newest obsession, to say the least. Now I’m making them for all of the rooms in my California house as well. I really love how they make a room feel instantly happy and sunny, even when its cold and rainy outside, its sort of the perfect winter craft.


Here are just a “few” of the paper flowers I have been making, enjoy!